Search by Protein

General information of the query protein will be retrieved, including protein description, chromosome location, GO, KEGG pathway and drug annotation. Importantly, differentially expressed protein (DEP) related experiments will be described.

You can use accession from UniProt, Entrez, RefSeq, Ensembl. And you can also use gene name or symbol.

*Examples of the available IDs:

  • Gene Symbol: AKT1
  • UniProt: P31749
  • UniProt Accession: AKT1_HUMAN
  • Entrez: 207
  • RefSeq_transcript: NM_001014431
  • RefSeq_protein: NP_001014431
  • Ensembl_gene: ENSG00000142208
  • Ensembl_transcript: ENST00000407796
  • Ensembl_protein: ENSP00000451828

@2017 Qingmin Yang, Yuqi Zhang, Menghuan Zhang, Lu Xie