Enrichment Analyse

Provide a visualization solution to characterize the differentially expressed proteins in the pathway. The distribution of your query proteins in KEGG pathways will be shown, with differential expression information highlighted.

*The available protein/gene ID types:

  • Gene Symbol: AKT1
  • UniProt: P31749
  • UniProt Accession: AKT1_HUMAN
  • Entrez: 207
  • RefSeq_transcript: NM_001014431
  • RefSeq_protein: NP_001014431
  • Ensembl_gene: ENSG00000142208
  • Ensembl_transcript: ENST00000407796
  • Ensembl_protein: ENSP00000451828

Protein List

@2017 Qingmin Yang, Yuqi Zhang, Menghuan Zhang, Lu Xie